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Table: You Read It Where?

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TABLE: You Read It Where?

The Web is a font of information and advice on every subject, and small

business is no exception. But what's it worth? Here's a sampling of what's out



ASKME.COM Short and to the point. Advice on reading an income

Can search by subject statement verges on haiku.

matter or by the names Often, its experts just refer

of "experts" you like. you to another site.

EHOW.COM Rates each task by its "How to finance a small

difficulty. Lets visitors business" is rated "moder-

add their own tips to ate." You could get a loan

those of the site's experts. faster than some pages load.

LEARN.COM Includes a good lesson on Advice for writing a business

incorporation vs. LLCs and plan contains gems like

S corps. "provide a table of

contents," and "don't


SOYOUWANNA.COM Advice with attitude. Best Says VCs invest in exchange

primer on writing a business for a percentage of profits.

plan. Not quite. They usually take

a share of the whole company.

Edited by Kimberly Weisul

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