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"Banc West Has No Special `Vulnerability"' (Readers Report, July 24, 2000)

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"BancWest has no special `vulnerability"' (Readers Report, July 24, 2000)

An error in "BancWest has no special `vulnerability,"' (Readers Report, July 24) led to a misstatement of the bank's annual net loan losses, putting them at 6%. The sentence should have read: "Annual net loan losses never exceeded 0.46% of total loans despite recession and economic stagnation in Hawaii throughout the 1990s."Return to top

Capital Wrapup (July 10, 2000)

Capital Wrapup (July 10) referred to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Israel considers Jerusalem its capital, and its government buildings are there. But the U.S. and other countries recognize Tel Aviv as the capital because part of Jerusalem is occupied territory.Return to top

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