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Take A Byte Out Of Crime

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Take a Byte out of Crime

Your house is burglarized or your car is stolen. What do you do?

In Stockholm, the police expect you to do the right thing: Get online and report crime with a mouse click.

Think of it as to a point. "We wouldn't let you file a murder charge online," says Police Commander Ulf Jordan, who is director of the Internet project. Of course not. But by yearend, crime victims will log on to the Stockholm police home page and fill out a report concerning minor incidents. The police will decide whether the complaint merits dispatching a patrol car. In Sweden, lost goods such as mobile phones and credit cards must be reported to the police. All these reports, some 50,000 a year, will be able to be handled electronically by December. And an additional 100,000 crimes, all relatively minor, could be reported electronically, says Jordan. That is, if your computer hasn't been stolen.By William Echikson

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