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Paper Trail

Would you like to send documents across the country in hours? Or design and print stationery from your desk? NowDocs delivers professionally printed, bound, and collated documents within two hours to selected U.S. cities. You just enter a recipient's address on the NowDocs Web site, then upload the files you want sent. NowDocs prints at a shop near the addressee. Prices for two-hour delivery start at $19.95 for a 10-page black-and-white document (

The ubiquitous Kinko's is offering a Web service that lets you design business cards or stationery and send orders electronically to a Kinko's near the delivery point. The Web design tools are similar to any decent business graphics program. The advantage is you don't have to hand-carry masters to your local printer ( Wayne Kawamoto

Race, Class, and the Future of Ferguson

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