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Imminent Domains

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Imminent Domains

The Internet is confusing enough. But those darn domain names. Most don't offer a clue about the business behind the name. Can you tell what or do? To let more companies get Web addresses that more closely reflect the nature of their businesses, Internet officials are considering domains such as .store or .news. But can bureaucrats come up with names that really capture the Web? We doubt it. So we're lending a hand:For parenting sites

.momFor women named Dorothy

.dotFor sites that will never make money

.bombFor sites aimed at veterans

.namFor meditation sites

.omFor really boring sites

.zzzFor the ickiest sites

.ughFor food-related sites

.mmmFor scam artists

.conFor those who chase them

.copFor sites selling stuff that "fell off the back of a truck"


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