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"Call Him The Streetfighter.Com" (Up Front, Mar. 6, 2000)

Corrections & Clarifications

"Call him the" (Up Front, Mar. 6, 2000)

"Call him the," (Up Front, Mar. 6) says James Cramer "was accused of bashing a stock he had shorted" in 1998. It should have said Cramer was accused of shorting a stock he had bashed. The accusation turned out to be false.Return to top

"Will the Blair Witch sequel be an IPO?" (Entertainment, Feb. 21, 2000)

"Will the Blair Witch sequel be an IPO?" (Entertainment, Feb. 21) incorrectly said that Artisan Entertainment's rights to the Republic Pictures' film library expire in 2003. The rights expire in 2005, and Artisan has the opportunity to renegotiate an extension to mid-2006.Return to top

"Web to go--sort of" (BusinessWeek Lifestyle, Feb. 14, 2000)

In "Web to go--sort of" (BusinessWeek Lifestyle, Feb. 14), the NeoPoint 1000 mobile phone was incorrectly identified as a product of Qualcomm Inc. While the phone uses Qualcomm technology, it is made by NeoPoint Inc. The story also should have said the NeoPoint 1000 includes text-recognition software for entering messages, though the feature was not well documented. In addition, the story misidentified Richard Siber as a telecom analyst with Arthur Andersen & Co. He is with Andersen Consulting.Return to top

"Teaching girls the ways of money" (BusinessWeek Investor, Feb. 14, 2000)

"Teaching girls the ways of money" (BusinessWeek Investor, Feb. 14) mentioned a Girls Inc. economic-literacy program for girls. The program is in the planning stages. It will be running at test sites in 10 locations this fall and at all sites by the fall of 2001.Return to top

"Inside Wall Street" (Feb. 21, 2000)

An item on Southdown in "Inside Wall Street" (Feb. 21) used an incorrect chart in the magazine. The numbers in the text were correct.Return to top

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