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"Dealing With Risk" (Business Week Investor, Jan. 17, 2000)

Corrections & Clarifications

"Dealing with risk" (Business Week Investor, Jan. 17, 2000)

A table accompanying "Dealing with risk" (Business Week Investor, Jan. 17), included an incomplete formula. The correct way to calculate the standard deviation of investments is to average an investment's monthly returns over the past 36 months or longer. Then subtract the average from each of the individual monthly returns. Square each figure, add the results, and divide by 36 or the number of months looked at. The square root

of this number is the standard deviation. Return to top

"Portal Combat" (Information Technology, Jan. 17, 2000)

In "Portal Combat" (Information Technology, Jan. 17), Lycos Inc. was incorrectly identified. Lycos is an independent company, of which CMGI owns approximately 15%. It was Lycos, not CMGI, that orchestrated the glitzy kickoff of the Lycos Singapore site. Also, a table should have listed Lycos among the three U.S. companies leading the development of the Asian Web.Return to top

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