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Taking His Show On The Road

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Taking His Show on the Road

One hundred days. Forty-six cities. And three 30-foot motor homes. Nope, it's not MTV. It's a roving radio show called Entrepreneurs! Tour of America, a 16,500-mile exploration of entrepreneurship's influence on the country. The brainchild of publishing exec Richard Tavener, the corporate-sponsored tour broadcasts daily via the Web ( and 40 AM stations. We caught up with him in Boulder, Colo.:Q: You're Canadian. Are Americans too obsessed with being the next Bill Gates?A: There are mostly positives to that. Entrepreneurship is a way to have more control of your own destiny and a sense of accomplishment. The downside is not everyone is cut out for this. It's a rare breed of person who can pull it off.Q: So too many people are trying it?A: Whether right or wrong, the term is being applied to anyone with a business card who says he or she is an owner of a company.Q: What impresses you most about America's entrepreneurial character?A: Passion. It's a tremendous driving force, and it goes way beyond the goal of making money.Edited by Dennis Berman

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