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"21 Ideas For The 21st Century" (Cover Story, Aug. 30)

Corrections & Clarifications

"21 ideas for the 21st century" (Cover Story, Aug. 30)

In "21 ideas for the 21st century," (Cover Story, Aug. 30), BUSINESS WEEK said John C. Carson, chief technology officer of Irvine Sensors Corp., predicted that a shoebox-size artificial brain could be developed before 2005. The prediction should have been 2010. Also, the company is in Costa Mesa, Calif., not Silicon Valley.Return to top

"Battle of the batteries" (Science & Technology, Aug. 9)

A table in "Battle of the batteries" (Science & Technology, Aug. 9.) misstated the number of cycles for Evercel's nickel-zinc batteries. They can be recharged 500 times, not 50.Return to top

"Brotherly love, but it will cost you" (Up Front, July 19)

"Brotherly love, but it will cost you," (UpFront, July 19) incorrectly credited data on small-business taxes in various cities. The source was Vertex Inc.Return to top

"Wiring the ivory tower" (Social Issues, Aug. 9)

The Web site for University of Maryland University College was incorrectly listed in "Wiring the ivory tower," (Social Issues, Aug. 9). It should be to top

"The great net stock sell-off" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Aug. 16)

"The great net stock sell-off" (News: Analysis & Commentary) erred in reporting's second-quarter earnings report. The loss was 27 cents per share, not 54 cents. Also, released its results on Aug. 3, not Aug. 2.Return to top

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