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"Manufacturing Was Never On The Floor" (Readers Report, June 14)

Corrections & Clarifications

"Manufacturing was never on the floor" (Readers Report, June 14)

A line was inadvertently dropped from "Manufacturing was never on the floor," (Readers Report, June 14). The affected paragraph should have read: "In 1991-98, total manufactured output grew by 3.8% per year, while gross domestic product in manufacturing grew by an estimated 3.4% per year. By comparison, GDP in nonfarm business grew by only 3% annually. From 1990-98, manufacturing productivity grew by 3.7% annually, more than double the productivity growth rate of the overall nonfarm business sector."Return to top

"Be your own jeweler--on the Net" (Bits & Bytes, June 14, in some editions)

De Beers provided an incorrect Web site address in "Be your own jeweler--on the Net," (Bits & Bytes, June 14, in some editions). The correct address is to top

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