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Clip Joints

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Clip Joints

The Web is crawling with clip art--cute little icons and buttons that can liven up an Internet site or other marketing materials. But the array is overwhelming. We weeded out sites with dead links, minor collections, and fuzzy copyright disclaimers to bring you a selection of the best.MINING CO.:

Newbies and know-it-alls can benefit from the how-tos, reviews, and links.CLIP ART SEARCHER:

A clip-art search engine good for those with a specific need--say, gothic images.ARTTODAY:

$30 annually for free and clear use of any of its 740,000 images.OVER THE RAINBOW:

Same price as ArtToday for about 5,000 images, with cheaper options for subcategories.IBAND:

Images are copyright-free, and sorted by category.EDITED BY EDITH UPDIKE

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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