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Wondering what kind of digital camera or fridge to buy? You can check out full product descriptions, reviews, and comparisons on 90,000 products.EBAY (

A person-to-person auction site, it lets you sell or bid on everything from antiques to toys. Now you can clean out your garage--and fill it back up again.E*TRADE (

This relaunched investing area offers real-time stock quotes, analysts' reports, free E-mail, and stock-market games. You can even chat with the likes of Intel Chairman Andrew S. Grove.IMAGINE RADIO (

Closet disk jockeys can choose from among hundreds of musical artists to set up their own customized "radio" station.SAPIENT HEALTH NETWORK (

Sufferers of more than 20 diseases, from asthma to diabetes to prostate cancer, can find reams of information targeted to their particular condition.THE ONION (

This faux news service brings you humorous stories such as "Hostess May Have Marketed Unhealthy Twinkies to Minors."WIRELESS DIMENSION (

Research and compare cellular-phone deals in your area.

Hollywood Goes YouTube

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