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China's Wu Ying (Int'l Edition)

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CHINA'S WU YING (int'l edition)

Wu Ying knows how to combine the best of East and West. The 38-year-old electrical engineer from Beijing is vice-chairman of UTStarcom USA, a telecom-network-equipment company based in Silicon Valley that is doing a thriving business in China. The company's four founders, including Wu, studied and worked in the U.S. They launched the company in 1991. "We're a U.S. company with Chinese characteristics," says Wu.

Wu arrived with $30 in 1985 to study at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Now UTStarcom's revenues total $100 million, up tenfold since 1995. With hundreds of Chinese following in Wu's path in the U.S., there are likely to be more successes.

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