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`It's About Capturing Eyeballs' (News: Analysis & Commentary, Jan. 19)

Corrections & Clarifications

`It's about capturing eyeballs' (News: Analysis & Commentary, Jan. 19)

In "`It's about capturing eyeballs"' (News: Analysis & Commentary, Jan. 19) and "Microsoft's future" (Cover Story, Jan. 19), the value of Microsoft Corp.'s acquisition of Hotmail Inc. was misstated. Sources now say the deal was worth $395 million in stock.Return to top

`It's the best of times--or is it?' (News: Analysis & Commentary, Jan. 12)

In "It's the best of times--or is it?" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Jan. 12), we cited only Travelers Group Inc.'s purchase of Smith Barney Inc. as a factor in continued layoffs on Wall Street. Travelers' subsequent acquisition of Salomon Inc. is expected to cause additional downsizing.Return to top

`Trustbusters get Lockheed on radar' (Up Front, Dec. 29/Jan. 5)

Northrop Grumman was misspelled in "Trustbusters get Lockheed on radar" (Up Front, Dec. 29/Jan. 5).Return to top

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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