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`She Got Out Of Asia But It Didn't Help Much' (Finance, Dec. 8)

Corrections & Clarifications

`She got out of Asia--but it didn't help much' (Finance, Dec. 8)

"She got out of Asia--but it didn't help much" (Finance, Dec. 8) misstated the return of the Montgomery Emerging Markets Fund. It is up 6.5% annually and up 43.48% since its inception in 1992.Return to top

`Christie's goes under the hammer' (In Business This Week, Dec. 22)

An item on a purchase offer for Christie's International ("Christie's goes under the hammer," In Business This Week, Dec. 22) should have said the company's sales have edged ahead of rival Sotheby's Holdings Inc., not its earnings--which remain behind Sotheby's.Return to top

`Saying `enough' to big-league demands' (Sports Business, Dec. 15)

"Saying `enough' to big-league demands" (Sports Business, Dec. 15) incorrectly said that Seattle voters had approved financing for a baseball stadium. They didn't.Return to top

`Got a grand? You're golden' (Technology & You, Dec. 22)

A photo in "Got a grand? You're golden" (Technology & You, Dec. 22) was incorrectly identified. It showed an IBM Aptiva S series computer, not an Aptiva E16.Return to top

`Where to invest' (Cover Story, Dec. 29)

Because of a computing error, the data in a BUSINESS WEEK/Harris Poll ("Where to invest," Cover Story, Dec. 29) reflected responses from only 912 investor interviews--not 1,009.Return to top

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