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`Do I Hear Two Bits A Trade?' (Finance, Dec. 8)

Corrections & Clarifications

`Do I hear two bits a trade?' (Finance, Dec. 8)

A table accompanying "Do I hear two bits a trade?" (Finance, Dec. 8) misstated commissions charged by E*Trade and Fidelity Brokerage. In the examples used in the table, E*Trade's commission for a trade of 200 shares at $20 or for a trade of 3,000 shares at $10 would be a flat $14.95. For Fidelity Brokerage, the charges would be $14.95 for the 200-share trade and, for active traders, $74.95 for the 3,000-share trade.Return to top

`The Best and Worst Boards' (Cover Story, Dec. 8)

In "The Best and Worst Boards" (Cover Story, Dec. 8), comments by Newton M. Minow were taken out of context. When he made the remarks, he was speaking about boards generally, not about AT&T.Return to top

`The buck keeps on buckin' (News: Analysis & Commentary, Nov. 24)

A story on the strength of the dollar and its effect on imports ("The buck keeps on buckin'," News: Analysis & Commentary, Nov. 24) described Toshiba televisions, in a photo caption, as "imports." The sets are manufactured almost entirely in North America.Return to top

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