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`Tiny But Not Trifling' (Technology & You, Nov. 17)

Corrections & Clarifications

`Tiny--but not trifling' (Technology & You, Nov. 17)

"Tiny--but not trifling" (Technology & You, Nov. 17) erroneously listed the Toshiba Libretto laptop as having a passive-matrix screen. The Libretto has an active-matrix screen.Return to top

`Can China reform its economy?' (Cover Story, Sept. 29)

The estimate of the cost of the Zhabei power plant near Shanghai ("Can China reform its economy?" Cover Story, Sept. 29) should have been $250 million.Return to top

`Footnotes' (Up Front, Sept. 22)

"Footnotes" (Up Front, Sept. 22) gave an incorrect figure for 1997 worldwide sales of disposable cameras. Sales were 222 million.Return to top

`Put the comeback on my card' (Finance, Nov. 10)

"Put the comeback on my card" (Finance, Nov. 10) attributed a quote regarding home services as an opportunity for the company's credit-card business to the wrong person. The quote came from Scott Swanson of Roger Engemann & Associates.Return to top

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