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`The Best Offshore Funds' (Finance, Nov. 10) (Int'l Edition)

International -- Corrections & Clarifications

`The best offshore funds' (Finance, Nov. 10) (int'l edition)

In "The best offshore funds" (Finance, Nov. 10), we omitted the Malabar International Fund from a table of funds that have received risk-adjusted performance ratings of at least one upward-pointing arrow from BUSINESS WEEK and at least an A from Standard & Poor's Fund Research. Malabar is rated two upward-pointing arrows by BUSINESS WEEK and AA by S&P. Several funds were also misidentified in the main tables of fund results. Kleinwort Benson Lux Equity Japan should have been listed as KB Lux Equity Japan; Kleinwort Benson Lux Equity Noveurope should have been listed as KB Lux Equity Noveurope; Kleinwort Benson Lux Key Far East should have been listed as KB Lux Key Far East; and Kleinwort Benson Lux Key Latin America should have been listed as KB Key Lux Latin America. These funds are managed by Kredietbank and based in Luxembourg.

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