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Corporate Scoreboard (Aug. 18 25)

Corrections & Clarifications

Corporate Scoreboard (Aug. 18-25)

In the "Corporate Scoreboard" (Aug. 18-25), Fortune Brands Inc. should have been listed in the General Manufacturing group, not the Consumer Products-Tobacco group.Return to top

Silicon Valley (Cover Story, Aug. 18-25)

In "Silicon Valley" (Cover Story, Aug. 18-25), Broadview Associates LP was not involved with Hewlett-Packard Co.'s buyout of VeriFone.Return to top

Why Johnny can't sit still (Personal Business, Aug. 18-25)

"Why Johnny can't sit still" (Personal Business, Aug. 18-25), published in some editions, misidentified the Summit Center for Learning in Springfield, N.J. Also, the phone number for Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders should have been 800 233-4050 or 954 587-3700.Return to top

How Merrill Lynch is winning the East (Finance, Sept. 1)

"How Merrill Lynch is winning the East" (Finance, Sept. 1) incorrectly stated that this year, Merrill's Asian pretax profits are expected to hit $200 million. The article should have said Merrill's Asian pretax profits outside Japan.Return to top

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