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A Gunslinger No More (People, Apr. 7)

Corrections & Clarifications

A gunslinger no more (People, Apr. 7)

A mention of unbridled traders in "should have referred to Sumitomo Corp., not Sumitomo Bank Ltd.Return to top

Hottest of the hot (Special Report, May 26)

In "Hottest of the hot" (Special Report, May 26), the description of ACE-COMM should have said the company performs billing, customer care, and other support services for telecom providers. Also, in the table on companies' profitability, ACE-COMM was misspelled.Return to top

An SOS from Outboard Marine (The Corporation, June 2)

"An SOS from Outboard Marine" (The Corporation, June 2) referred to possible buyers for Brunswick Corp. It should have referred to possible buyers for Outboard Marine Corp.Return to top

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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