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Innovations (Developments To Watch, Mar. 24)

Corrections & Clarifications

Innovations (Developments to Watch, Mar. 24)

"Innovations" (Developments to Watch, Mar. 24) incorrectly described a study on hearing that could begin next year. The study will examine a method for protecting inner-ear hair cells from damage due to a cancer drug.Return to top

Sex, lies, and home improvements? (News: Analysis & Commentary, Mar. 31)

"Sex, lies, and home improvements?" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Mar. 31) said Alan Steiman's Landscape Inc. billed Astra USA Inc. for landscaping at the home of former Astra USA CEO Lars Bildman. Steiman's office manager said the bills were sent to a general contractor.Return to top

Making the most of a mountain of data, one of the stories on `The BUSINESS WEEK 50' (Cover, Mar. 24)

In "Making the most of a mountain of data," one of the stories on "The BUSINESS WEEK 50" (Cover, Mar. 24), Merck & Co. was said to rank 26th. As noted elsewhere in the stories, it ranked 6th. And in a glossary with the Industry Rankings tables, the definition of "return on invested capital" should have been: the net income available for shareholders as a percent of debt and equity funds.Return to top

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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