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Heads Up In The Heartland (`Where To Invest,' Cover Story, Dec. 30)

Corrections & Clarifications

Heads up in the heartland (`Where to invest,' Cover Story, Dec. 30)

"Heads up in the heartland" ("Where to invest," Cover Story, Dec. 30) misquoted Raymond E. Ross, the president of Cincinnati Milacron. Ross did not say the company would be profitable for the first time since 1981. He said the company's machine-tools section would be profitable for the first time since 1981.Return to top

The best new products (Cover Story, Jan. 13)

In "The best new products" (Cover Story, Jan. 13), the car identified in a photograph as the 1997 Toyota Camry was actually a 1996 model.Return to top

The Aging of Abercrombie & Fitch
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