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Making Lincolns Boomer Bait (News: Analysis & Commentary, Dec. 30)

Corrections & Clarifications

Making Lincolns boomer bait (News: Analysis & Commentary, Dec. 30)

"Making Lincolns boomer bait" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Dec. 30) included incorrect figures provided by Ford Motor Co. November sales for Lincoln showed a rise of 2.1%, not a decline of 17.3% as Ford initially announced. Also, Lincoln-Mercury General Manager James G. O'Connor's name was misspelled.Return to top

I can't wait to go online and blow something up (Cover Story, Dec. 23)

An article that accompanied the Dec. 23 Cover Story ("`I can't wait to go online and blow something up"') included several errors. The name of Jack Heistand, CEO of Total Entertainment Network (TEN), was misspelled. TEN has id Software Inc.'s Quake, not Doom, on its network. And Kesmai Corp. is located in Charlottesville, Va.Return to top

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