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He's Got Washington Listening To Labor Again (The Workplace, Nov. 4)

Corrections & Clarifications

He's got Washington listening to labor again (The Workplace, Nov. 4)

"He's got Washington listening to labor again" (The Workplace, Nov. 4) should have said that Morton Bahr was elected president of Communications Workers of America in 1985, not 1980.Return to top

Electricity: The power shift ahead (Industries, Dec. 2)

Nuclear power plants owned by Texas Utilities Co. were not relatively cheap to build, as was wrongly stated in a table accompanying "Electricity: The power shift ahead" (Industries, Dec. 2).Return to top

Can an old bank learn new tricks? (Finance, Dec. 9)

In "Can an old bank learn new tricks?" (Finance, Dec. 9), Deutsche Bank North America Chairman Carter McClelland's name was misspelled, and the value of Deutsche Telekom's privatization offering was misstated. It was $13 billion.Return to top

The mob on Wall Street (Cover Story, Dec. 16)

In "The mob on Wall Street" (Cover Story, Dec. 16), the Stratton Oakmont penny stock firm was incorrectly described as "defunct." It was expelled by the National Association of Securities Dealers on Dec. 5 and is now shutting down its operations.Return to top

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