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Did You Say Sprint Was No.1? (Information Processing, Sept. 2)

Corrections & Clarifications

Did you say Sprint was No.1? (Information Processing, Sept. 2)

"Did you say Sprint was No.1?" (Information Processing, Sept. 2) mistakenly reported that Sprint Corp. charges a flat calling rate of "10 cents a minute--no matter what." That rate does not apply between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. weekdays.Return to top

USAir's European squeeze play (The Corporation, Sept. 2)

A table accompanying "USAir's European squeeze play" (The Corporation, Sept. 2) wrongly labeled figures on costs per available seat mile. The costs should have been in cents, not dollars.Return to top

Bargains on the world's bourses (Personal Business, Aug. 26)

"Bargains on the world's bourses" (Personal Business, Aug. 26) erred in saying that a weakening of the dollar against other currencies could diminish or wipe out gains on foreign stocks. A weaker dollar would add to the value of such holdings.Return to top

Developments to Watch (Sept. 9)

The photo in "Developments to Watch" (Sept. 9) was by James Gary.Return to top

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