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Doing Ultraviolence To Parasites (Developments To Watch, July 15)

Corrections & Clarifications

Doing ultraviolence to parasites (Developments to Watch, July 15)

"Doing ultraviolence to parasites" (Developments to Watch, July 15) erred in saying that ultraviolet light has not been used to treat drinking water.Return to top

He's a one-man radio band (Media, Aug. 19)

In "He's a one-man radio band" (Media, Aug. 19), a photograph in the office of SFX Broadcasting Chairman Robert F.X. Sillerman is described as being of him, nude, in a bathtub. Although no clothing was visible in the photograph, other photographs from the same session show that Sillerman wore a blue and white bathing suit.Return to top

Are travel clubs really worth the fee? (Personal Business, Aug. 19)

The table accompanying "Are travel clubs really worth the fee?" (Personal Business, Aug. 19) listed an erroneous telephone number for Golf Access. The correct number is 800 359-4653.Return to top

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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