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Can Your Rolodex Do This? (Technology & You, May 27)

Corrections & Clarifications

Can your Rolodex do this? (Technology & You, May 27)

In a table accompanying "Can your Rolodex do this?" (Technology & You, May 27), the Web address for Now Software should have been to top

Hot growth companies (Cover Story, May 27)

In the main table in "Hot growth companies" (Cover Story, May 27), the address for USA Detergents Inc. should be North Brunswick, N.J.Return to top

Info highway juggernaut (News: Analysis & Commentary, June 3)

"Info highway juggernaut" (News: Analysis & Commentary, June 3) erroneously stated that PSINet Inc. would cut 50% of its workforce and close down Pipeline, a consumer-oriented Internet service, to focus on high-end customers. In fact, PSINet will cut its workforce only 15%. Further, Pipeline will remain operational but will focus only on businesses and professionals.Return to top

The Aging of Abercrombie & Fitch
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