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Is This The Man To Topple Mexico's Ruling Party? (International Outlook, Apr. 1)

Corrections & Clarifications

Is this the man to topple Mexico's ruling party? (International Outlook, Apr. 1)

"Is this the man to topple Mexico's ruling party?" (International Outlook, Apr. 1) reported that Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon had promised that only Mexican companies would be allowed to manage a new system of private pension funds. In fact, a bill before Mexico's National Congress proposes that foreign companies also be allowed to manage such funds.Return to top

O.K., baseball, you've got one last chance (News: Analysis & Commentary, Apr. 1)

Rick Cerone, spokesman for the New York Yankees, is not Rick Cerone, former catcher for the Yankees, as the commentary "O.K., baseball, you've got one last chance" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Apr. 1) stated. The ex-catcher is an announcer for the Yankees.Return to top

Steve Wynn's full house (People, Apr. 1)

In "Steve Wynn's full house" (People, Apr. 1), BUSINESS WEEK erroneously reported that Mirage Resorts Inc. had bought nearly 5% of Circus Circus Enterprises and has reaped a $33 million gain. In fact, Mirage owns less than 1% of Circus Circus and has booked a gain of $2.5 million.Return to top

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