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Operator, Please Connect Me (News: Analysis & Commentary, Feb. 26)

Corrections & Clarifications

Operator, please connect me (News: Analysis & Commentary, Feb. 26)

In "Operator, please connect me" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Feb. 26), LCI International should have been described as the sixth-largest long-distance company, not the fifth-largest.Return to top

What Ford has riding on these four wheels (News: Analysis & Commentary, Feb. 26)

"What Ford has riding on these four wheels" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Feb. 26) erroneously added a $615 destination charge on to prices for the new Ford F-150 pickup truck. The correct base price for the F-150 is $15,045, and the starting price for the F-150 XLT with an extended cab and automatic transmission is $21,966. Those prices include the destination charge.Return to top

The fall of an American icon (Cover Story, Feb. 5)

"The fall of an American icon" (Cover Story, Feb. 5) should have said that the five-year cost of running an Apple Macintosh computer is $39,501, not $41,439, according to market researcher Gartner Group.Return to top

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