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Wiring The Net For Gabfests



INTERNET PHONE CALLS ARE the newest lane on the Infobahn. Cheaper than regular phone service, too. And this is no illegal hacker invasion of phone-company circuits. VocalTec in Northvale, N.J., plans to storm the net on Feb. 13 with a $49 piece of software that lets PC owners chat over a microphone with others who are similarly equipped. The only charge is the ordinary Internet access fee, around $15 a month, with no limit on the number or length of calls.

VocalTec's Israel-based engineers stand a good chance of setting key technical standards for what experts believe will be an explosion of Internet voice service over the next few years.

Don't rush to sell your AT&T stock just yet. VocalChat works and sounds more like citizens band radio. Only one person can speak at a time, and you can't chat with people outside the Internet itself. Moreover, you get an annoying delay of a second or two on each side of a VocalChat conversation. Sound quality is rough, yet quite acceptable.

The market for this? Specialty niches where a true phone call would be costly and a low-quality connection is just fine: People playing games, parents talking to children at college, maybe engineers collaborating. International callers could save big money, too.EDITED BY LARRY LIGHT WITH RUTH COXETER By John W. Verity

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