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Logging In From Abroad

Technology & You: BULLETIN BOARD


Communicating with the office by modem can be a pain, and overseas travel adds new layers of complexity. Reader Steve Marsden of North Vancouver, B.C., wonders how to cope with a system that requires an operator-assisted call to reach home base.

Two things may help. One is a simple "Y" connector, available wherever telephone accessories are sold, that lets you plug your laptop and a phone into a single outlet. The second is communications software, such as Digital Communications Associates' CrossTalk or Lotus Development's cc:Mail Mobile, that allows the modem to pick up the line after you have placed a call manually.

This won't always work. The software can fail to connect if your timing isn't just right. Modems built to North American standards can be flaky on foreign phone systems--and their use may even violate local regulations.EDITED BY STEPHEN H. WILDSTROM

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