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Call it the boomlet bustlet. The surge in births brought on by the baby boomers' delayed discovery of procreation has peaked and is waning fast. After spiking to a post-baby-boom record of 4.16 million in 1990, the number of births could fall below 4 million this year, some demographers figure. And the Census Bureau predicts a turn-of-the-century tyke trough of 3.93 million.

That prospect has baby- products companies scrambling to squeeze more bucks from each birth. Gerber Products, for one, is targeting toddlers with Gerber Graduates, bite-size lumps of vegetables and meat for the one-to-three set. Century Products has a new infant seat that can move from the car to the stroller--the better to let sleeping babies lie.

What marketers come up with next depends on whether the trend toward later childbearing continues. Women in their 30s produced 18.7% of all firstborns in 1991, a record for that age group. But an increase in teenage childbearing pulled down the median age of all first-time mothers. The question now: How long will Generation Xers hold off on their family formation?Mike McNamee

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