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A Scorecard For Partnerships

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It happens to everyone in business: A supplier or a client isn't living up to your expectations, and a relationship that was once mutually productive is on the verge of collapse. Perhaps not, though, if you're using ScoreCarding, a software-guided scheme for keeping business relationships in balance.

Supplied by Strategic Resource Group, a consulting firm in San Diego, ScoreCarding calls for each partner to spell out what is expected of the other, in terms of pricing, delivery times, or payment cycles, say. The results, described in English and formalized according to specific guidelines, get stored under the control of a computer program. From then on, the program helps partners score each other's performance, review predetermined strategies for solving problems, and even incorporate advice from a predesignated mediator. ScoreCarding software, with two days' training and access to Strategic Resource's hotline, goes for $18,000.EDITED BY PAUL M. ENG

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