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United's Union Workers Could Use More Unity

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In regard to "Rumble on the runway" (Top of the News, Nov. 29), it has been said that the union member does not use his head until his stomach is empty, and the union employees at United Airlines Inc. are no exception. For the past six years, my union, the machinists, has used most of its energy trying to get rid of [Chief Executive] Stephen Wolf.

During the same period, Wolf and his team have performed one miracle after another to build a magnificent airline reaching most corners of the globe. Along the way, they created thousands of good-paying union jobs, in and out of United Airlines. One-third of the mechanics at United were hired since Wolf took the reins, and I am sure it is the same with all the other classifications.

Earlier this year, Wolf asked for concessions to protect many of these same jobs he had created. There was a resounding "no" from unions and we lost 5,200 members. We were not willing to share some of the pain to protect 5,200 jobs. Unfortunately, the union member does not use his head until his stomach is empty.

John "Scotty" Thomas

San Francisco

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