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First, Air Jordan. Now, Air Caddy?

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If you've ever watched a golf tournament on television, you know that touring pros typically festoon themselves with all manner of brand names. And of course, the golfers earn what's delicately referred to as a "promotional consideration" for serving as walking billboards.

Caddies, though, often haven't had as many opportunities to cash in. But since sports marketing abhors a vacuum, that's about to change. With the PGA Tour's permission, the Professional Tour Caddies Assn. is now looking for a sponsor to sign on for all 16 of the tour's biggest events. In return for a fee expected to be in the high six figures, caddies will sport identical uniforms that will prominently feature the sponsor's logo. What's in it for the sponsor? Masses of TV exposure. The PCTA promises the uniforms will be "tasteful," which suggests that caddies may soon be easier on the eyes than some of the guys they work for.EDITED BY HARRIS COLLINGWOOD

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