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Geraldine, We Hardly Knew Ye

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Massachusetts, the only state to back the Democrats in 1972, still talks about George McGovern. And some folks in Orange County, Calif., haven't yet recovered from Barry Goldwater's 1964 loss to Lyndon Johnson. Those disappointed voters might find comfort in Alternate Presidents, a collection of 28 short stories detailing what might've been had the other guy won.

In this version of history, rushed into print in February for the 1992 race by Tor Books, a division of St. Martin's Press, Abraham Lincoln lost the 1860 election and went on to become a great general of the Civil War. President Goldwater nuked Vietnam. And Adlai Stevenson's vice-president, John Kennedy, was the butt of frequent jokes after he married a Hollywood actress. (The new Monroe Doctrine: "Ooh, ooh, aaaahhhhh.") Tor, in fact, had so much stuff on the first family of Hyannis that in July it printed a followup book: Alternate Kennedys.EDITED BY DEIDRE A. DEPKE

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