The Benefits of an Expert Newsletter

Posted by: Rod Kurtz on August 7, 2008

The oldies but goodies of company communications are making a comeback. Now that e-mail blasts top many lists of marketing tactics, direct mail is regaining its effectiveness. And now that everyone blogs, properly positioned newsletters have taken on an old-fashioned air of authority.

Educational newsletters are a great way to position your company as an authority on your respective industry. They entice prospects to provide contact information and serve as a continuing vehicle to keep your company in those prospects’ minds. And by featuring a truly expert author, each issue of the newsletter can serve as a proactive reminder to the media of a source who is willing to comment on industry news.

A great example that showed just how effective a newsletter can be is BasePoint Analytics’ bimonthly Fighting Fraud with Frank. Designed to position author Frank McKenna as the leading expert in mortgage fraud, the newsletter provided smart content that was easy for busy reporters to repurpose. Eventually syndicated by two trade journals that specialize in fraud, it began to draw fan mail and prospects for the company. In our book, marketing that gets fan mail is mission accomplished.

Dispelling myths and offering insights into your industry may not quite land your company expert in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, as it did Frank McKenna, but building awareness and capturing leads is enough to make a newsletter very worthwhile.

Kevin Strehlo
Senior Vice President, Global Client Services
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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