A Simple Model for Branding

Posted by: Rod Kurtz on July 11, 2008

We have adopted a simple model for helping clients think more expansively about bringing their brand experiences to life. Our model builds on the familiar visual aspects of a brand identity system (where clients new to brand-building often think the story starts and ends), but adds two more less familiar, but no less important lenses.

Look and Feel. We apply this graphic user interface design term to our brand identity work to help move our clients beyond logos and guidelines. How a brand communicates initially through images, color, and type is critical. But how we amplify meaning through motion, sound, and interactive design can be equally important.

Tone of Voice. What you say about your brand—when answering the phone or chatting in an elevator or plane—can be as a memorable as a brand logo on a business card. We call this discipline "verbal branding." And we use it to build language toolboxes to help our clients embody brand values and express the personality of their brand.

Point of View. The vehicles you choose to carry your brand identity and message all say something about you. Every brand should have an editorial perspective. When using limited resources to define a point of view, small service moments or smart content in context can create a touchpoint that is singularly evocative of your brand.

Michael Mooney
Catapult Thinking

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