Work-Life Balance

Posted by: Rod Kurtz on February 1, 2007

In analyzing the needs of today and tomorrow’s workforce, work-life balance is high on the list of issues facing both employers and employees.

Balance is more than a juggling act; it means being in control and feeling comfortable with your choices. Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between strong support of work-life balance practices and positive employee retention, productivity, and customer service ratings. Even so, work-life balance is not simply something a company can do for its individual employees. It also includes what individuals do for themselves in attaining meaningful achievement and enjoyment in everyday life.

However, keep in mind some inherent realities:

• Not everything is of equal importance in your life, and perfect balance probably does not mean equality.

• Your life is constantly changing and you constantly need to reallocate your resources.

• Things happen that are out of your control, but it is up to you to respond to these external forces.

• Change in one area probably impacts all others, so be flexible and proactive.

• Recognize and accept that you will probably drop a ball or two now and then.

Explore your corporate and organizational work-life initiatives. When both company and employee efforts are complementary and sincere, true work-life balance can be achieved.

Mallary Tytel
President and Founder
Healthy Workplaces
Sioux Falls, S.D.

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