• Is It Time to Buy a Franchise?
    When the economy slumps, franchising tends to become more popular. Here's what to know about the industry before buying in Slide Show: Franchising Experts Weigh In
  • The Issue: New Franchise Is a Tough Sell
    New franchise operators struggle to compete with scads of chains. Peter Taunton set his fitness franchise apart with an unusual fee structure
  • Buying a Franchise with Bad Credit
    A microloan could be the answer for borrowers who have been turned down by traditional banks Slide Show: What It Costs to Buy a Franchise
  • Can Yogen Fruz Gain a U.S. Following?
    The Canadian frozen yogurt franchisor is focusing its pitch on existing independent business owners or franchisees in struggling chains
  • The No-Formula Franchise
    Some franchisers experiment giving franchisees discretion over elements of their business. Great Harvest made the idea central to its model

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