Archives: February 2011

Kairos Society: 350 Student Biz Whizzes to Pitch Execs, Talk Shop, Save World

Posted by: Nick Leiber on February 24

Not-for-profit student entrepreneur networking group Kairos Society is holding its third annual Global Summit--meetings and breakout sessions with promising business founders and seasoned executives--on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26 at...

Seeking America's Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs

Posted by: John Tozzi on February 08

Entrepreneurship has always been about solving problems. What distinguishes social entrepreneurs is how much their solutions improve people's lives. They're building companies to lift people out of poverty, improve global...

Chile Seeks 300 Foreign Startups: Year Two

Posted by: Nick Leiber on February 08

The Chilean government launched its Start-Up Chile program last year with the goal of putting Chile on the map as an innovation hub. To do so, it offered foreign teams...

Steve Case: Looking for 'Speedups,' Not Just Startups

Posted by: Nick Leiber on February 01

Yesterday the White House launched its Startup America Partnership, a private sector campaign that is part of recent initiatives by the Obama Administration to better support--and thus wring more jobs...


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