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General Technology Stories

10.17.00   Filling the E-Tailers' Gaps
The quest to find extra services or unique offerings often ends at small technology companies that sell innovative solutions

10.16.00   Modos for Moderns
A sleek handheld that delivers a digital magazine is Geoff Pitfield's brainchild. The question: Will it grow up strong?

10.13.00   Ring in the New
If someone calls your SimulRing number, all your lines -- at work, at a home office, your cell phone, and more -- ring at once

10.9.00   The Clint Eastwood Verdict
Makes My Day

A jury has found in the actor's favor, and that sends a strong signal about the Disabilities Act: It's a good law, but don't misuse it

10.3.00   No Thanks, I'll Buy My Own
Why entrepreneurs haven't taken to "application service providers" for getting software over the Net

10.3.00   Can Onvia Avoid Becoming a B2B Bomb?
With Wall Street itching to see profits, the small-biz online exchange is laying off workers and revamping its loss-leader strategy

9.29.00   How Has Avoided Getting Burned
The food site has a secret ingredient: Ordinary cooks who have become loyal users of the site

With so many B2B services stumbling, it's time for small biz to take protective measures

9.7.00   Souping Up Your Old Analog Set
A small San Jose chipmaker is offering an interactive solution for the many millions of nondigital TVs worldwide

9.7.00   Keeping in Touch
New Internet companies can help give travelers access to your systems

9.1.00   Take a Message
A multitude of voice-mail systems can help you keep up with an active, mobile world

8.30.00   Looking for a Good Used GPS Calibrator?
Online sales of high-tech measuring gear are exploding. And so far, Web startup TestMart is out front

8.4.00    Are You an "Evangelist" or an "Integrator"?
New research finds small businesses' attitudes toward using the Web vary greatly

8.4.00   Big-Time Market Research at Small-Biz Prices
The Web gives entrepreneurs access to the kind of data that used to cost a whole lot more

8.4.00   Before You Take the B2B Plunge
Tips on how to size up the value of a small-business exchange

8.4.00   B2B for Web Builders
eConstructors offers a marketplace for the programmers and developers who set up everyone's sites

7.27.00  The Web Tag That Nearly Got Away
Tips on how to size up the value of a small-business exchange

7.21.00   That Y2K Bug Ain't Dead Yet
But small businesses are almost rid of the New Year's party guest

7.7.00   Keep Your Biz Wired without Going Broke
Stephen J. Lewis, head of IT outsourcer All Bases Covered, offers tech tips for the little guys

6.29.00   The Great Government Giveaway
Need some technology? Federal labs are ready to help. Honest

6.28.00   Cutting Through a World of Red Tape
DE Technologies has patented a technology for processing sales worldwide easily via the Internet

6.15.00    Altering the Writing on the Wall
How does a small family firm in the fountain-pen business survive the pen's extinction as a business tool? With technology

6.12.00    Paper Trail
Two companies make sending documents, designing stationary easier

6.8.00    Taming the Techno Beast
Technology is running wild. Learn to manage change, or you'll get eaten alive

6.7.00    A Help Desk for Hapless Computer Users
This new service helps pick up the pieces after your PCs crash

6.2.00    Before You Put That High-Priced Geek on Your Payroll...
With the talent pool so thin these days, you better check credentials carefully

5.17.00    Clint Eastwood Explains His Beef with the ADA
He supports the act but wants to amend it to give small-business owners time to comply before they're sued

5.16.00    A Classy Laptop with a Pedigree
IBM's T20 successor to the innovative ThinkPad 600 is lighter and thinner

5.16.00    A Low-Risk Strategy for Managing Tech Change
One-stop services are good in theory; now if they can only execute

5.12.00    Keeping Hackers Out of Your Server
Being small doesn't mean you're immune to digital mischief

3.20.00    If They Don't Have Something Nice to Say...
If someone maligns your company online, it may be best to ignore it

3.13.00    Pipe Dreams
It's superfast, and it's always on. The broadband revolution will change the way you do business

3.13.00    E-mail E-liminator
New software makes sensitive messages self-destruct to prevent disclosure

3.7.00    Onvia's Pre-IPO Problem with Privacy
Its registration papers acknowledge that confidential customer data was left wide open

9.20.99    Plugged In
Get a network. It's a great way to drive growth, if it doesn't drive you crazy first

8.6.99    Computer Resellers: The Other One-Stop Shopping Option
Finding a good one is the next-best thing to having your own tech manager

5.24.99    Wrestling With the Web
Got a ".com" but no strategy? How you tame cyberspace depends on your company's unique needs

4.26.99    Killer Applications
An upstart makes a national name for itself by swatting computer bugs

4.1.99    Compaq's Web Sales — Not the End-All and Be-All
After angering resellers with its online strategy, the PC giant expands store sales again

2.22.99    PalmPilot: New Features Lure More Followers
The organizer is already an icon of entrepreneurs. Now, it's lending a hand in everyday life

2.4.99    The Death of the Reseller
Compaq's online sales threaten the livelihood of its small dealers

2.2.99    The Print Shop on Your Desk
Self-publishing programs can save you time — and money

1.27.99    Suddenly, Everyone Wants to Sell Me a Network
Whatever you need, from simple to sophisticated, there are plenty of alternatives

1.22.99    Putting Those Ideas on Paper
Ink-jet and laser printers are a low-cost way to complete desktop publishing jobs

11.4.98    Take Dictation, Please, Mr. PC
New voice-recognition software lets you talk to your computer

10.16.98    Q&A: Dell Wants to Make It Easy for You
But does its pre-packaged technology give you enough choice?

10.8.98    Try Bonding for Blazing Web Access on a Budget
If you've got two phone lines, you can double your speed

10.7.98    Q&A: Entrepreneurs, Let the Tech Leaders Come to You
And don't buy if you can't understand them, an expert says

9.21.98    The Many Virtues of Virtual Services
You can outsource almost any function over the Web

9.21.98    The Real Advantage of Farming It Out
Here's how our author uses a virtual assistant

9.16.98    The Latest in Outsourcing: An Harassment Hotline
Will employees give their complaints to an answering machine?

8.11.98    Q&A: The State of Small-Biz Technology
IDC/LINK's Ray Boggs talks about what's hot -- and what to wait for

6.22.98    Computers: Back Up Early and Often

4.27.98    Computers: To Lease or Not to Lease Stop counting the pennies; what matters is how cutting-edge you have to be

4.6.98    Points to Ponder before Buying a Network

3.2.98    Shareware: Before You Buy that Software...

12.27.97    Databases: All Right Already, Toss the Rolodex

6.9.97    Digital Images: Smile! You're On My Computer

3.3.97    Software: Freeze! This Is a Raid


Year 2000 Bug

3.8.99    Aid for Y2K Fixes...In 2001?
Congress wants to help small biz, but the money may not come in time

3.2.99    The Y2K Time Bomb Could Sink Software Pirates
Manufacturers won't fix Y2K problems for users of stolen products

1.20.99    The End Is Hardly Nigh for Y2K Laggards
Small companies are less vulnerable to the millennium bug than alarmists say

10.20.98    Small Companies Say Y2K Is for Real
Our online survey finds concern about the bug is widespread

9.9.98    How to Zap Those Year 2000 Bugs
Taking precautions now will save you big headaches later

9.8.98    The Y2K Bug: Look Both Ways
Before you tell clients you're ready, make sure your suppliers are, too

5.26.98    Year 2000: Unprepared--And in for a Shock?

5.11.98    Will the Y2K Bug Crush Small Biz?

4.7.98    Year 2000: Looking for Fixes at the SBA's Web Site


The Web

5.6.99    Internet Regulation: Will It Hinder or Help Small Business?
Two experts face off in the cyber privacy debate

5.3.99    This Privacy Watchdog No Longer Barks at Regulation
Truste now tells entrepreneurs that government rules are inevitable and how to stay a step ahead of them

4.27.99    Should You Pay for a Privacy Seal of Approval?
Two groups offer their stamp of online integrity. But is a good privacy policy reassurance enough?

3.11.99    Promise Them Privacy — Then Keep Your Word
Warning: The FTC considers disclosure policies binding — but there's help for writing them

12.17.98    An Innocent Company Gets Snared in an Anti-Spam Sweep
The junk E-mail controversy shows the legal vacuum on the Web

10.27.98    A Jury of Its Peers Gives Netscape the Cold Shoulder
More small companies are adopting Microsoft's browser

10.19.98    It's a Honey of a Web Site, But Where's the Buzz?
Luring customers to your URL can be tricky. Here's how to make them click

4.8.98    How to Buy--or Sell--a Domain Name

2.9.98    How Middlemen Can Come Out on Top

2.2.98    Discretion and Disclosure: Keys to a Net Privacy Policy

9.1.97    Picking the Right Net Provider


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