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Reviews of hardware, software and services by Business Week columnist Steve Wildstrom

12.10.99    How Apple Is Giving Small Biz Short Shrift

11.22.99    Passwords May Soon Be History

11.15.99    Don't Need Faster Chips? You Will

11.15.99    A Modest Proposal to End I-Way Road Rage

10.25.99    An Apple Ready for Hard Knocks

10.18.99    Projectors Get Positively Petite

10.11.99    Boy, Can This Box Play Games

10.4.99    Web Phones: Now You're Talking

9.27.99    This Palm Rates a High-Five

9.20.99    Wanted: Better Job Listings

9.13.99    The High Cost of "Free" PCs

9.6.99    What I Would Do About Microsoft

8.30.99    Untangle These Web Sites, Please

8.16.99    More Punch in Apple Portables

8.9.99    Europe: The Wireless Continent

8.2.99    Ask Jeeves: This Butler Didn't Do It

7.26.99    A Sharp Advance in Digital Photos

7.19.99    It's a Phone, It's a Palmtop

7.12.99    Watch Yourself, Microsoft. Here Comes Linux

7.5.99    Give Us a Simpler "Office"

6.28.99    A Notebook That's Kind to Fingers

6.14.99    Office Lite: Less Would Be More

6.7.99    Office 2000: Too Much Renovation
Microsoft's changes suit big companies fine--but are overkill for lower tech users

5.10.99    IBM's No-Hassle Travel Buddy
The Svelte ThinkPad 570

5.3.99    Close-to-Perfect Pocket E-Mail
The RIM pager is the first wireless message device that I'd want to carry around

4.26.99    Big Features for Small Networks
New servers can tie home or small-biz computers together at low cost

4.12.99    Handhelds That Could Use a Hand
Microsoft's CE operating system doesn't allow enough design freedom

3.19.99    Pentium III: Enough Already?
Yeah, it's a lot of speed for the money. A lot of speed you can't really use

3.8.99    Give These Palms a Big Hand
3Com's newest handheld computers are smaller, lighter and easier to read

2.22.99    Sprucing Up Your Home Network
Products are on the way to keep your files secure and link PC-Mac households

2.15.99    HP's CapShare: A Failure to Communicate
Without a reliable wireless link to PCs, this portable scanner can't share much

2.8.99    Search Engines with Smarts
A number of new Web sites make it easier to find those elusive facts

2.1.99    Digital Snapshots in a Snap
Several new devices let you view and manipulate photos with less hassle

1.25.99    Battle of the Lightweight Laptops
In a bout between Jornada and Portege, E-mail makes all the difference

1.18.99    The Year of the Home Network?
Easy-to-use new systems and cheap PCs could make it a big hit in '99

1.11.99    Freeware? What's Not to Like?
Not much. Open-source programs may spur more choice and competition

12.28.98    A Little Better, A Little Faster in 1999
Next year will see flat-panel displays on desktops, and zippier Net access at home

12.17.98    Small Offices, Big-Time Phones
Siemens' multiline, cordless system offers a lot of features for the buck

12.14.98    Trapping Y2K Bugs -- on Your PC
Now there's software to help you seek out and prevent millennial disasters

12.7.98    'Bots' Don't Make Great Shoppers
Intelligent agents that search the Net often miss out on the best bargains

11.30.98    Coffee, Tea or DVD?
Watching crisp, clear movies on your laptop can make that business flight fly by

11.23.98    Demystifying Win98

11.23.98    Right Turn for Lefties

11.23.98    Projectors for the Laptop Set

11.9.98    The Last Days of the Home PC?
They're too complex for the job, and handier appliances are on the way

11.2.98    A New Chapter for E-Books
After many false starts, practical digital readers are hitting the market

10.26.98    Catching E-Mail on the Fly
New PocketMail devices allow you to pick up messages from any telephone

10.19.98    Computer Users Are Mad As Hell
Readers the world over say high-tech designers better get customer-friendly fast

9.30.98    From Dell, a Laptop to Make Desktops Quake
Usually a follower, Dell breaks new ground with its big, brawny Inspiron

9.23.98    A Computer User's Manifesto
The sooner the industry adopts these common-sense precepts, the better

9.21.98    Giving the Office Printer a Touch of Color
A new generation of ink-jet printers are ideal for small and midsize businesses

9.14.98    Where Wintel Fears to Tread
Apple's iMac design is gutsy and cutting-edge. But is it too radical a change?

9.7.98    Is Apple's iMac for You?
Its simplicity, which makes it ideal for first-time buyers, is also its drawback


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