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Personal Business
5.18.00    For Merrill, Small Is Bountiful
The giant is courting business owners—and gaining assets

5.15.00    Getting in on the Angel Game
Angel clubs are building networks of wealthy, well-educated women—something that's long overdue

11.8.99    The Delicate Art of Investing
Strategies for wage slaves donít fit those who own their own businesses. An entrepreneurís eye view of personal wealth-building

5.28.99    Just Rewards
Need some personal cash? Here's the right way to tap your company

4.13.99    To Sign or Not to Sign a Noncompete Contract
Even when you don't really have a choice, try to negotiate the terms

4.12.99    Noncompete Agreements: What's Enforceable — and What's Not
Your old company can't prevent you from earning a living, but it can make it tough

4.6.99    Structuring Your Company? Look at the Benefits of LLCs
No double taxes, liability protection, and sales appeal

3.3.99    Our Marriage Can't Be Saved — Can Our Partnership?
Few husband-wife businesses survive a divorce. Here's what it takes

2.12.99    Will My Beloved Business Survive Me?
Succession planning is best done before disaster strikes

2.3.99    401(k) Plans You Can Learn to Love
New rules let you reward top talent — and still be fair to all

12.24.98    A New 401(k) Plan Lets You Reward Top Talent
Those vexing fairness tests are gone, but you can still treat all workers honorably

12.4.98    Figuring the Costs of a 401(k) Plan
You'll need to invest time and energy — and watch out for hidden expenses

12.3.98    You Can't Afford Not to Offer a 401(k)
Luring and keeping top talent can hinge on this popular pension plan

11.12.98    Want to Retire Rich? Get a Keogh Plan Now
It doesn't cost much to run, and employees can benefit, too

10.29.98    Invest Your "Mad Money" Without Going Insane
It's possible to channel your penchant for risk into areas that balance your portfolio

10.15.98    Why Index Funds Are Best for Small-Business Execs
They deliver the most return for the least amount of time

10.1.98    Don't Get Personal with Company Finances
Mingling your money can bring on the IRS and scare off partners

9.28.98    Last Chance to Start a SIMPLE-IRA
The deadline for setting up this retirement account falls on Oct. 1

9.17.98    Should You Use a Broker or a Planner? That's the Wrong Question
Focus first on whether your adviser knows anything about small business

9.10.98    Me and My Business: The Two Don't Have to Be Inseparable
Choosing the right form of ownership can boost your income, cut taxes, and strengthen legal protection

9.2.98    Level-Headed Tips for a Volatile Market
Avoid hot small companies, diversify, consider index funds...

8.19.98    Is Your Portfolio Lopsided?
Owning a small business changes the rules on asset allocation

8.4.98    Setting the Records Straight
If you want to get serious about your own wealth, start by organizing your records

6.22.98    Family Business: Surviving Succession
Handing the company to the next generation can be tricky. The cold perspective of a consultant can help


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