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3.23.00    The Net Tax Commission's Nonbinding Nondecision
The result after 10 months of bitterly divided debate: It's up to Congress

2.11.00    Beating the Deadbeats
How to use small-claims court to get paid

2.9.00    Success at Nolo Press
A Berkeley upstart of the '70s becomes the guru of legal self-help

2.7.00    Do-It-Yourself Law
Who needs a lawyer? You do--but not as much as you think

1.31.00    The Web Puts the Ball in Your Court Where to go to on the Internet for legal advice and information

1.31.00    Staking Small Claims Winning strategies and tips for representing yourself in small-claims court

1.20.00    Let's Work This Out...Or Else: The Case for Mediation
Cheaper, and simpler than litigation, it still shows you mean business

1.6.99    The Lemonade Stand Circa 2000: A Boy, a Site, a $10 Million Lawsuit
A New Jersey teenager sues Black Entertainment Television over a URL

12.9.99    Silent Partners
A confidentiality pact is the next best thing to keeping your ideas under lock and key

11.22.99    Should High-Tech Startups Root for a Microsoft Breakup?
Big companies have more to gain than small ones, says Silicon Valley lawyer Craig Johnson

11.11.99    Bristol vs. Microsoft: Any Boost from Judge Jackson's Ruling?
Rebuffed once, the small software outfit thinks its antitrust suit is now stronger. But is it?

9.15.99    The 'Big' Question
Three E-postage rivals stamp their feet over who's the real underdog

4.13.99    Inoculating Companies Against Y2K Bug Suits
Bills now in Congress would cap corporate exposure. Will they pass?

3.24.99    Commentary: Red Tape Paralyzes the Red-Tape Cutters
The federal law that was supposed to rescue small biz from onerous rules doesn't

12.23.98    A Mouse Inventor Roars at Microsoft
Another entrepreneur challenges the technology giant in court

12.7.98    A Small-Biz "Grant" Looks Too Good
Winners of's cash giveaways couldn't be found

11.17.98    The Perils of Putting Your Kids to Work for You
Child-labor laws apply to family businesses, too

10.30.98    'See You in Court -- er, Mediation'
Where to go to resolve disputes without litigation

10.26.98    Microsoft Is Right to Fear Small Companies — and Vice Versa
Sometimes a company's bigness is a built-in weakness

10.12.98    Were You Scammed by a Local "Charity"?
Regulators say bogus solicitations stretched to several states

10.6.98    Mickey Mouse Gets Clubbed in Court
Kid's radio founder finds win over Disney is small comfort for lost business

9.11.98    A Reluctant David Takes on Microsoft Goliath
Cut off from key source code, Bristol says it had no choice

5.22.98    Did Radio Disney Steal Candy from a Startup?

5.13.96    You, Too, Can Cut Deals for Legal Advice
Now, big-company tactics are working for small business


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