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3.16.00    An MIT Prof Who Could Level the Cyber Playing Field
Pattie Maes wants her ratings system to give worthy startups a chance against brand-heavy giants

2.8.00    Privacy: Outrage on the Web
A lawsuit against DoubleClick may be just the start of a backlash

1.26.00    Now That's a Hail Mary Play
Inside a betting $5 million on the Super Bowl

11.23.99    Small Biz on TV: Not Exactly Prime Time
It attracts an audience—and competition—despite tacky sets and ungodly airtimes

11.18.99    Is This the Make-or-Break Web Christmas?
Relax, says Web guru Brewster Kahle. We're only at the dawn of Web history

10.20.99    The Small-Biz Owner: Cultural Icon of the Millennium?
Now, real entrepreneurs are showing up in national ad campaigns for clothes

9.14.99    Now No One's Too Small to Blitz the Masses
A Web company lets you call 2,000 people at once

8.24.99    Show and Sell
At a big trade show, a novice learns the ropes and a veteran gathers leads

8.23.99    Trade Secrets
Trade shows are indispensible for making contacts, nailing sales, and showing off a hot new product — but you've got to prepare ahead

8.17.99    Nobody's Home: Solving the Online Grocer's Problem
David Porter's Smart Box will keep your groceries safe and cold — or warm

6.25.99    Makeover Artist to the World of Small Biz
Gloria Mitchell helps fellow entrepreneurs — often when success hands them an outdated image

6.18.99    Looking for Online Resources about Affiliate Marketing?
Here are some frontier editors' picks

5.11.99    Turning Your Name into a Brand Name
Tips from — yes — Martha Stewart and others who are now identified with their products

3.23.99    Selling 101: Teach Your Customers Why They Need You
Classes in tea-tasting or quilting develop free-spending connoisseurs

3.17.99    Schmooze Control
Need to network? Here's how to find the right group

2.19.99    A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Setting Up a Support Network

2.9.99    Can "Extrapreneurship" Become a Buzzword?
Two MBAs trademark their startup's concept — outsourcing with a wrinkle — to build brand identity

1.28.99    How's This for a Change?
A marketer prescribes a total makeover-for itself

1.25.99    You Don't Need an MBA to Network on the Net offers opportunities for anyone to make contacts — but can it make money?

1.11.99    When It's Time to Change Your Name
It's tough and risky, but sometimes it's the only way to gain a real identity

1.8.99    Web Affiliate Programs: A Good Deal for Small Biz?
The cachet may rub off on your site -- but little cash

11.25.98    What It Takes to Set a Buzz Going's Guy Kawasaki explains the dos and don'ts of getting noticed

11.24.98    How Set Off So Much Buzz
The entrepreneur-investor matching site was the brainchild of a marketing legend

11.13.98    Putting Boomers in Bands — and Rocking Their Wallets
Skip Maggiora's program is creating the sweet sound of sales

11.6.98    Pushing Hispanic Business Into the Mainstream
A top business leader says big companies aren't doing enough to help

10.28.98    Entrepreneurs Hitch Their Ventures to Online Auctions
Virtual businesses from the burbs to the boonies are catching a cheap ride on the Web

9.25.98    Find a Niche — and Start Scratching
Diversity marketing isn't just for the big guys — and may not even cost much

9.24.98    Can Cyber-Ads Work for Your Company?
Ad agencies strive to pinpoint niches and local markets

3.2.98    Trend-Spotting: Anyone Can Play

2.9.98    Have I Got a Catalog for You

12.8.97    Shhh, They're Giving Ads Away

10.13.97    Shhh--My TV Commercial Is On

4.28.97    How Do You Hitch Your Wagon to a Star? Carefully

9.16.96    Creating a Big Buzz on a Small Budget
You don't need Madison Avenue to get your company talked about


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