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Raising Money

6.16.00    Student Power, Part 1
College entrepreneurs bypass work-study programs and head straight to business ownership

6.14.00    Looking for Angels among B-School Alumni is out to link grads with cash to new alumni-run ventures that need some

6.5.00    Banks Put Out the Welcome Mat for Women
Lenders are earmarking billions and making the process more inviting

6.2.00    Credit-Card Crackdown
Processing firms slap small biz with a high-risk label and high penalty fees

5.26.00    Biased Business Lending?
Critics say discrimination against women and minorities is built into banks' credit-scoring models

5.25.00    Credit Scoring: What Your Lender Won't Tell You
You can change your bank's "no" to a legitimate "yes" — if you know how computerized loans work

5.24.00    Why You Should Get a Loan — Now
Rising rates and tighter standards are finally working their way into small-business financing

5.23.00    VCs Aren't Easy Marks Anymore
A weak stock market means entrepreneurs face tougher negotiations and lower valuations

5.23.00    Public Access Denied
How Fallout from the IPO Market's Crash Is Hurting Entrepreneurs

5.15.00    Market Jitters Haven't Shaken Venture Capitalists
A survey of first-quarter financing finds the value of new deals surging to new record highs

3.30.00    Searching for "Smart Money"
Javelin Technologies' financial software business is profitable. But finding the right venture funding is harder than writing good software

3.15.00    A Lending Hand
For more than a decade, microloan schemes have tried to turn poor people into entrepreneurs. Sometimes they succeed

3.14.00    Greenspan Has Small-Biz Owners Reaching for the Plastic
As bank loans approach double digits, some credit cards are crashing below 3%. But be careful

3.8.00    The One-Minute Entrepreneur
A VC firm gives small-biz hopefuls 60 seconds to make their case — and earn the chance to make a longer pitch

2.23.00    Pricey Loans—With Perks
As rates rise, banks try new services to lure borrowers

2.18.00    Helping Those Who Help Entrepreneurs
How you can get Involved in Microenterprise Development Programs

2.18.00    Take the Sting Out of Rising Interest Rates
Shopping has become easier, and banks are freer with the freebies

2.14.00    The VC Beat Goes On
The '99 data show venture capitalists looming ever larger in the entrepreneurial world

2.14.00    Venture Capitalist Michael Frank: "The Cost of Playing Poker Has Simply Gone Up"
One high-tech VC player talks about the changes in startup investing

2.3.00    The Confusing Agenda of Consultant VCs
They want their proteges to be clients as well as investments

12.21.99    An Angel Who Doesn't Flit Away
Internet investing veteran James Bidzos explains why he sticks with his protégés

12.16.99    Spreading the Fast-Finance Culture: Goes to Europe
The Internet may know no boundaries, but laws governing investment do

11.15.99    The VC Money Pile Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger
Everyone wants a piece of that high-tech money machine

11.4.99    What Venture Capital Wants out of Health Care
Q&A With Mike Carusi of Advanced Technology Ventures

10.14.99    Hunting for Venture Capital? Don't Ignore the Corporate Crowd
Large companies — not just VC firms — are putting serious money into small outfits. Here's how to locate the loot

10.6.99    Filling Turkey's Need for Venture Capital
A banker hopes to lure foreign funds for later-stage companies

9.22.99    The Awful Truth: How Entrepreneurs Hurt Themselves at the Bank
An interview with veteran small-biz banker Charles Green

9.13.99    A Jump-Start for Cheap Loans
Thanks to a boom in securitized loans, small companies are getting a good deal on rates

9.1.99    Creating a Web Company without Doing the Dirty Work
These high-powered execs are nurturing startups with a hybrid VC firm/incubator

8.20.99    The Venture Capitalist as Johnny Appleseed
BCI sows high-tech startups in Western Massachusetts to boost the local economy

8.18.99    Psst...Want a Great Deal on a Little Company?
How not to be had when buying or selling a small biz: A Q&A with Ira Nottonson

8.16.99    No Sign of Drought in Venture-Capital Country
Tech companies are reaping a bonanza, a new survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers shows

7.22.99    Public Offering, Private Doubts
The Dunkleys did an IPO for one company, but held tightly to the other

7.21.99    A Financial Supermarket for Small Business
A Net startup caters to entrepreneurs fed up with megabanks

7.19.99    Click Here for Cash
The unsung wonder of the Web: It can be a haven for venture capital

7.13.99    Easy Money: The Low-Rate Lending Bonanza
What's behind the glut of cheap money? Who's got it now? And how can you get some?

7.12.99    Cheap Plastic: Credit Cards for Small Companies
Issuers are slashing rates into single digits and pumping up the perks

6.30.99    A Black Entrepreneur in Banking Gives Others a Break
First United Bank of Philadelphia founder Emma Chappell talks about community lending

6.18.99    CHART: Why They Buy
Reasons for purchasing a company

6.14.99    An Upstart Jumps into the Small-Biz Banking Breach wants to lure entrepreneurs with better service

6.10.99    A Q&A with Earl Graves: Building Black Clout with Banks
The publisher talks about redlining and his new fund for hot minority-owned businesses

5.21.99    These MBA Students Play VC, with Real Money
At Michigan's B-school, picking startups is no gut course

5.17.99    The Venture-Capital Train Is Now the Internet Express
PricewaterhouseCoopers' new survey shows that 43% of all first-quarter funding was funneled into cyberspace

4.30.99    Guy Kawaski: Starve Your Startup
The marketing guerilla tells entrepreneurs that too much capital makes you do "stupid things"

4.23.99    This Venture Largesse Won't Last Forever
A Q&A with John Martinson, the new head of the National Venture Capital Assn.

4.16.99    Some Minority-Friendly Sources of Capital

4.9.99    Making Sure the Price Is Right
If you value your business...value your business

3.31.99    Tips for Making a Good Match on the Web
In love and investment, the old rule still applies — know who you're dealing with

3.30.99    Are These Matchmakers Made in Heaven?
Web sites that promise to link investors and entrepreneurs are popping up all over. Join us on a critical tour

3.10.99    Greenspan: Small-Biz Lending Is Healthy — Despite Bank Mergers
But possible discrimination against minority borrowers is a concern

3.5.99    GE Equity's Investment Universe Is a Lot Wider Than the Web
In a Q&A, President Michael Pralle talks about what kinds of deals turn him on

2.26.99    3Com Makes a Small High-Tech Company's Day — and Year
In this purchase, not everyone is sorry to lose their independence

2.22.99    Bankers Sound the All-Clear on Lending
Efforts to pull back credit to small companies didn't last long

2.16.99    A Special Report on Venture Capital
Who's got it, how to get it, and how to become an investor yourself

1.26.99    Megabanks: Who Will Minister to the Small Fry?
A San Francisco Fed study finds that out-of-town lenders are partly filling the gap

1.7.99    High-Tech CEOs Are Hedging Their Bets
Worried about foreign markets, they're lining up financing while they can

1.7.99    Beyond the Kitchen Table
For micro-enterprise owners, it's hard to turn a profit -- and harder to expand

1.6.99    Tiny Grants Give Poor Entrepreneurs a Big Lift
Seeing little aid trickle down, Trickle Up has helped thousands get started

12.22.98    This Band of Angels Is Looking for High-Tech Prodigies
Hans Severiens talks about his Silicon Valley investing club

12.21.98    What Credit Crunch? Small-Business Loan Rates Keep Dwindling
Maybe entrepreneurs aren't such a big risk after all

12.10.98    From 'Blank Looks' To Blank Checks
Whitney Johns's women-oriented venture firm helps clients get "fund-raising fit"

11.30.98    When an Internet Company Goes Public, Will Its Stock Price Dictate Strategy?
A business professor theorizes that executives take cues from the market

11.25.98    Looking for a Small-Business Loan? Shop Til You Drop
Conditions are best for entrepreneurs as more banks roll up the welcome mat

11.12.98    Living With IPO Regrets
You can always go private again. Third in a series

11.11.98    A Weak Stock Price Hurts Your Company Finances — Not Just Your Ego
Second in a series on the problems of going public

11.10.98    A Cold Look at Going Public
The burdens may outweigh the advantages: First in a series on IPOs

10.27.98    Are Rates Too Low for Harris Bank?
The downturn makes it hard to keep its cut-rate loans

10.23.98    Venture Capitalists Are More Than Happy to See You
That's because they have lots of cash and you have few alternatives

10.9.98    Lending By the Numbers
Credit-review software is coolly objective. How will you fare?

9.30.98    Why You Might Want to Borrow Now
The Fed's rate cut and the slowing economy make it a buyer's market

8.27.98    Lenders Are Opening the Spigots Wide
Hurting for customers, they're squeezing rates and going easy on terms

8.13.98    ACE-Net: A Tough Way to Find an Angel
This SBA Web site can connect you with backers, but you have to work at it

6.22.98    Personal Loans: When a Grubstake Is a Family Affair
"If a deal goes south, it can really screw up Christmas"

5.4.98    What Separates Venture-Backed Startups from the Pack?

3.2.98    Nonbank Lenders: Inside the Mind of a Small-Biz Lender
Allied Capital finds that it often pays to look further than the balance sheet

3.2.98    Loans Via the Web: Tips for Safe Surfing

1.22.98    What Bank Megamergers Might Mean for Small Biz

10.13.97    Fishing for Venture Capital

5.13.96    Venture Capital: Not A Love Story
Too often, entrepreneurs who join financiers in marriages of convenience are headed for heartbreak


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