A Guide to Resources for the Socially Conscious Entrepreneur
Magazines, nonprofit groups, and consultants abound

If you thought you were all alone in trying to be "a good boss," think again. Business Ethics magazine has compiled 24 pages of resources and organizations devoted to promoting the idea that you can mix sound business practices with a social conscience. Here's a sampling of what's out there; the entire list is available for a fee from Business Ethics at 612 879-0695, A listing here does not constitute an endorsement by Business Week.

In Business. A bi-monthly magazine that targets "eco-entrepreneurs" who seek ecologically sound business practices. JG Press, 419 State Ave., Emmaus, Pa., 18049; 610 967-4135, $33.

Ethics Resource Center. Provides information on socially responsible businesses; also does consulting. 1747 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 400, Washington, D.C. 20006; 202 737-2258.

Walker Information. A private, for-profit research firm that measures the effects of corporate social responsibility on reputation and bottom line. 3939 Priority Way, POB 40972, Indianapolis, Ind. 46240-0972; 317 843-3939,

Minnesota Center for Corporate Responsibility. A coalition of businesses interested in social and ethical issues (the Minneapolis area is noted for a large contingent of such companies). Affiliated with University of St. Thomas. Contact: Robert MacGregor, 612 962-4121.

Social Venture Network. A membership organization of entrepreneurs and investors in socially responsible businesses; new members must be sponsored by a current member. 415 561-6400.

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