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9.1.00    Tax Relief That's No Relief At All
A 1999 rule crippled many small-business sales, but it may soon get repealed

6.30.00    What Your Country Can Do for You
With a little research and tenacity, you, too, could get in on a lucrative government contract

5.22.00    I'm Outta Here
Can't find time for a vacation? You could be hurting your business by not taking a break

5.22.00    The Anti-Organizer
Can't find time for a vacation? You could be hurting your business by not taking a break

10.21.99    Tricks of the Trade
Barter sheds its shady image to become a cash-saving tool for small companies

10.4.99    Barter Up: Where to Take a Swing at Cashless Trading
Signing up with a formal exchange finds partners who'll pay up

9.7.99    Mission Possible
Can mission statements keep a company on track? Absolutely—but staff input is critical

6.3.99    Healthy Choice
As insurance costs grow more painful, medical savings accounts may offer some relief

5.20.99    Firings: When You Wield the Ax, Don't Make It a Hatchet Job
Kicking people when they're down might well result in a lawsuit

3.18.99    Where Nice Guys Do Finish Last: In Negotiations
A study reveals what qualities a good bargainer needs and how to improve your odds

12.11.98    It's Official: Let Your Employees Have a Life, and They'll Do a Better Job
Managers who go out of their way to accommodate workers' needs are making a wise choice

8.27.98    What Successful Entrepreneurs Sometimes Need: A Reality Check
Too much optimism leaves them open to being blindsided when times turn tough

8.5.98    The New Approach to Business Plans: Tell Me a Story
Bullet-points are popular, but they leave too many holes in your thinking


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