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Stories about entrepreneurs from the front lines of small business

10.2.00    Straight Dope
In the largely unregulated herbal remedies market, ConsumerLab has found a niche as a watchdog

10.2.00    Kings of the City
Vindigo's software turns handheld devices into urban guides for entertainment junkies

9.20.00    Turning Soggy Fries into
Extra Profits

Priceline's Jay Walker has a new system that helps fast-food restaurants sell product they might otherwise toss

9.13.00    A Data Miner Goes for
Gold on the Web

Math whiz Usama Fayyad, a NASA and Microsoft vet, is now prospecting with his own Net startup, digiMine

9.11.00    The Man Who Loves Technophobes
Dov Goldman's Cognet automates the process of updating and installing software, making life easier for computer users

9.8.00    A Fashion Statement for
Your Vital Signs

Startup has VCs' hearts fluttering with a T-shirt that keeps tabs on your cardiac and respiratory functions

8.28.00    Got Spanish?
Anita Santiago helps advertisers bridge the gap between Anglo and Latino cultures

8.23.00    Rookie Central
Sclafani and Naddelman do the legwork for college scouts

7.13.00    A Fresh Beat in Boston
Anthony Kirkland is the city's preeminent hip-hopreneur

7.10.00    Creating the Mother of SUVs
Gut one Suburban, install a 500-horsepower engine, Nannycams, and humidors—and ask a cool $165,000

6.26.00    Money In the Bags
Monique Moizel's witty purses are the rule for cool teens

6.13.00    At Your Service
Corporate concierge Andrea Arena earns big bucks by sweating the small stuff

6.7.00    Erasure Head
David Cohen's Edgewise makes millions recycling tape

5.30.00    Over a Barrel
What's a supplier to do when she's on the wrong side of cheap oil contracts? Juggle, cut costs, and pray

5.24.00    The Sound of Money
Dane Davis parlayed a fascination with noise into a multimillion-dollar business—and an Oscar

5.10.00    Building a Nest for Fledgling

Debra Larsen's TechSpace gives Big Apple startups all they need to get going

4.20.00    Crunch Time
If you're not worried about a big rival eating your lunch, look what happened to Guiltless Gourmet after Frito-Lay entered its market

4.17.00    Savings Grace
Liz Davidson teaches women to be more financially secure

4.12.00    Make 'Em Laugh
Former comic Scott Bloom turns dull meetings into lively quiz shows that get workers involved

3.29.00    Digital Detective
The Net can be a tough neighborhood. Michael Allison tracks down the bad guys

3.9.00    Windfall Profits
It started as a joke. But Linda Katz's tumbleweed on-the-Web startup isn't just in Kansas anymore

3.7.00    How Can Kids Buy Stuff on the Web? Ask InternetCash
This New York startup has a new twist on digital money, aimed right at teens

3.2.00    A Short, Strange Trip from Hackers to Entrepreneurs
The notorious group called L0pht has gone mainstream, complete with VC funding. But its image could scare off corporate clients

2.24.00    We the E-People
Joe Mohen brings missionary zeal to the notion of online voting—and sees ways to make a buck at it

1.28.00 Searches for Gold in Cyber Garage Sales
The startup is offering a way for consumers and used-goods merchants to tap an online market for common items like secondhand books or CDs

1.17.00    The Accidental Entrepreneur
A photogenic young man without a company enters a contest and walks away with seed money

1.11.00    Because It's There
Feel like rock climbing but don't have a rock? Ty Foose can give you a foothold

1.4.00    Top Entrepreneurs of 1999
Handbags to hardware — seven rising stars and their businesses

12.17.99    The POD People
Business picks up for a mini-storage startup that brings portable space to your driveway

12.13.99    A Mentor for the Asking
Bernadette Williams wants to provide minority women with experienced guides to the tech biz

11.30.99    Taking in the Sites
Global Sight is aiming to help its clients make their Web pages more multinational

11.29.99    A Funny Thing Happened...
Talk about overcoming a disability: Michael Aronin turned his cerebral palsy into a career opportunity

10.26.99    What's Old Is New
Mature Mart is doing well by doing good: Selling gadgets that make life easier for seniors

10.1.99    Her Business Is Her Castle
Cusumano's blueprint? Think small and network

9.29.99    A Lucky Break
A knee injury ended Timothy Childs' pro ball aspirations, so he tackled chip making instead

9.16.99    Raising the Roof with Floor Ads
How a low-tech startup with an oddball concept got VC funding

8.30.99    Cigars before Wine
Robert Mondavi, Jr.—of the winery Mondavis—decided to stake out his own territory

8.12.99    Step into Our Lobby
Like everything else, political outreach has gone electronic. These two have made a business of it

8.4.99    A Business Plain and Simple
An Amish cook's column and recipes hit home with readers and feed a young man's business

8.3.99    A Harvard Dropout Trades on Harvard's Name — and Applicants' Fears
A case of millennial chutzpah or a breach of ethics?

7.29.99    How to Succeed in Business Without Money's founders used creativity to beat their lack of cash

7.28.99    A Tale of Two High-Tech Tightwads
How GoldMine's founders built a $52 million company without loans or investors

7.23.99    Right Wavelength
Peter Johnson figured the world needed a tuner for Web radio. His idea is beginning to click

7.6.99    A Community Bank Founder's Secret: Never Take No For an Answer
United Bank's Emma Chappell won over 3,000 small investors

7.6.99    Maggie Walker: A Rich Legacy for the Black Woman Entrepreneur
The daughter of a former slave, Walker became, against incredible odds, America's first black female bank founder

6.9.99    Delivery Man
Gulam Jaffer finds fast profits in rush orders

6.2.99    Keeping the Old Family Mustard Mill from Grinding to a Halt
No one else wanted the top job, but Nancy Raye had to persuade her male kin that she could cut the mustard

6.1.99    A Factory That's Like Family Moves South — with Its Workers
Quoizel's CEO inspires the kind of loyalty that bolsters the bottom line

5.26.99    A Software Startup in Paradise
Will success drive Logos back to the city from its island home?

5.25.99    Can a Manhattanite Survive among the Vermont Maples?
An urbane entrepreneur moves his design company to the sticks — and thrives

5.14.99    Getting the Bugs Into the System
How Planet Natural sells beneficial insects over the Web

5.14.99    Can This Software Builder Make It the "New Web World"?
Andover Tech got on the Net and created a new business model

5.13.99    Would You Sell Your Secrets for Free Internet Service?
PowerChannel, a TV-based Web-access startup, wants to know all about you

5.7.99    Michael Roberts: Blazing a Telecom Trail for Black Americans
A strategic switch saved the wireless entrepreneur millions — and made him a role model

4.14.99    Babes in Toyland: Donald Spector's Investors Hoped for an IPO
Instead, they lost money, sued, and pushed his Balzac Inc. into Chapter 11

3.31.99    In a Class by Themselves
Harvard grads saw green beyond the ivy

3.15.99    Success Is Sweets
How Carla Baudillo whipped up a business

3.4.99    Clean, Sober, and Good for Business
Ex-substance abusers power Omni's telemarketing

2.26.99    This Ex-Trader Is Building His Own Stock Exchange
An SEC rule change created a new niche for virtual markets

2.11.99    "I Just Want To Say One Word..."
An Entrepreneur Learns to Love Plastics

1.21.99    No Vanity Plates for This Silicon Valley Millionaire
Pam Lopker: QAD's low-key founder started out automating her husband's sandal company

1.12.99    Marketing in Barrios and Boutiques
A hip Hispanic underwear maker wants to go mainstream

12.28.98    Even Cowgirls Get the Profits
Corralling the rodeo-duds market

12.18.98    Friday, the Rabbi Sold Sermons
Torah-Fax zaps E-mail inspiration to religious leaders

12.16.98    Pony Express' Russian Relay
How the company delivers rapid service

12.9.98    How One Couple Parlayed Their Differences Into a Thriving PR Company
The secret: Avoid the classic traps for married working partners

12.8.98    Led by His Nose, an Entrepreneur Launches
An instant business is born: Just add customers

11.23.98    Would You Pay Someone to Tell You What a Lousy Date You Are?
First Impressions teaches the "out of practice" about courting

11.20.98    Playing the Game
Poses passes "go" and collects $500,000

11.18.98    One Biz Owner Auctions Prime Web Ad Space to Other Owners
When a competitor flopped, stepped in to the breach

11.11.98    Rhythms NetConnections Connects on Sand Hill Road
A telecom startup raised $180 million in venture money and high-yield debt

11.9.98    A Green Thumb for Startups
Jared Schutz, founder of

10.15.98    Portrait of the Artist As a Successful Entrepreneur
Claudio Cesar's quest for impervious images became a high-tech glass company

10.14.98    From Cockpit to Corner Office
Eddie Cheever is a top driver — and a driven businessman

10.13.98    Attention NetGrocer Shoppers! This Bargain May be Too Good to Last
Cheap shipping is burning a hole in its balance sheet

10.1.98    The Cookie Lady of Silicon Valley
A British baby nanny catches the startup spirit

9.29.98    A Pioneer Woman on the MBA Frontier Looks Back
Lillian Lincoln cut a swath through Harvard B-school and male-dominated industries

9.22.98    The Corner Kosher Grocer Goes Global
What's not to like about a nice Jewish company from Brooklyn?

9.1.98    From Cuban Refugee to Hispanic Ad Agency Queen
How Teresa Zubizaretta turned "weaknesses" into her agency's big strengths

8.28.98    After the PalmPilot, What Do You Do for an Encore?
Dubinsky and Hawkins try their magic touch on Palm's next phase

8.20.98    When a Good Company Is a Bad Loan Risk
Sobel-Miller was profitable and had a flood of orders from big-name retailers. Banks still said no

8.11.98    Candleworks: Lighting Up Darkened Lives
Michael and Lynette Richards help disadvantaged workers prosper, too

8.6.98    Ritz Foods: Upscale Chips from the Lowly Yuca?
A new snack food has to overcome doubts, droughts, fire — and an unusual main ingredient

6.22.98    Health Food: An Emu in Every Pot?

6.19.98    Guardian Technologies: It's Oliver North, Live from the Small-Biz Summit!

4.27.98    Cinemex: Movie Palace Coup

4.27.98    Fountainhead: Selling the Sizzle of...Water?

2.20.98    Yoyodyne: Point, Click — And Here's the Pitch

1.20.98    Marcella Oster: This Woman Thrives in the Toxic-Waste World

12.22.97    Blue Fish: Spinning Profits from Nice Threads

12.22.97    Tabacon: Git Along, Little Stogie

12.08.97    Dinosaur Productions: The Lost World's Found Riches

11.17.97    Studio EG: Blue, Red, Purple — and Green All Over

11.17.97    Clean Shower: Turning Scum into Gold

9.1.97    Title Nine Sports: Our Sports Gear, Ourselves
Women entrepreneurs mined a niche the big boys ignored — until now

6.9.97    Heidi Roizen: I Survived Small Biz — And Corporate America
A veteran of two business lives talks about the demands and differences of both

3.3.97    Hard Candy: Such Polish for One So Young
How Dinah Mohajer became the Estee Lauder for Gen-X


Life & Co.

2.29.00    An Odd Blessing
Jane Mobley's bout with cancer taught her and her PR firm a lot about business—and the business of living

12.24.99    Trouble in Toyland
Can a mom-and-daughter shop on New York's Upper West Side compete with a superstore? Fun and games, it isn't

10.18.99    Put Me In, Coach
It may sound touchy-feely, but a business coach can help you succeed in business—and as a person

8.19.99    Camp Moolah
It's the '90s. Forget the campfire. These would-be entrepreneurs are burning for business.

6.24.99    Give Me Your Tireless
The immigrant experience is alive and well: Witness Michael Samoilov and his cutting-edge Internet startup

4.29.99    As Far As You Can Go
She hardly saw herself in her father's business. Now, she's preparing to become CEO

3.1.99    A Perfect Blendship
After 20 years, these co-executives remain partners and best friends in work and in life

11.24.98    Dad's Business
An entrepreneur's child gets a unique education — with an emphasis on courage and patience


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